The Classic Rock Jukebox

The Classic Rock Jukebox


On this episode of the Classic Rock Jukebox, I focused on the 1967 album by the Monkees. The HeadQuarters album was the 3rd by the group and the first in which they wrote a significant portion of the songs as well as played on most of them. Also includes a cover that the Boss did of Lorde, Jimi Hendrix playing live at Monterrey pop along with his Monkees connection, a new one from Prince, and I’ve got the latest on what Queen are up to! Have a listen and enjoy as always


The Classic Rock Jukebox

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On this episode of the Classic Rock Jukebox, I took a look at the Beatles debut album “Please Please Me.” I also celebrated 50 years of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show and remembered Pete Seeger along with Phil Everly.